Dr Thomas Hanser

Clinic partners with Prof Fouad Khoury at Schloss Schellenstein in Germany

Oral Surgeon, M.Sc. in Periodontology, M.Sc. in Oral Implantology

Dr Hanser has been at the forefront of teaching for over 15 years on Advanced Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting and Aesthetic Implant Surgery. He has been lecturing at several academic university programs and has trained numerous dentists during this period.

Dr Thomas Hanser’s scientific publication with co-author Prof Fouad Khoury won the William Laney Research Award in 2017 awarded by the American Academy of Osseointegration, USA for the publication: Mandibular bone block harvesting from the retromolar region: a 10-year prospective clinical study.

He is the author of several scientific publications and the Co-Author with Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury “Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation in Implantology” (2021) and „Bone Augmentation in Oral Implantology“ (2009) Quintessence Textbooks.

Dr. Hanser has over 20 years of experience in the field of Oral Implantology with particular focus on

  • Periodontology
  • Aesthetic Hard and Soft Tissue Management in Implant Dentistry
  • Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting and Reconstructive Techniques
  • Lateral and Vertical Tissue Reconstructions

He is an international speaker and he has been lecturing across Europe, USA, Asia on Aesthetic Implant Surgery and related Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting.

He is a Certified Expert of several scientific Oral Implantology related societies: DGOI, BDIZ EDI, BDO, DGMKG, DGZI.

Dr. Hanser is a lecturer at several postgraduate academic university programs:

  • Master of Science in Oral Implantology, University of Frankfurt, Germany
  • Master of Science in Aesthetic Dentistry, University of Frankfurt, Germany
  • Master of Science in Periodontology, Dresden International University, Germany
  • German Society of Implant Dentistry (DGI)
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
  • Department of Periodontology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA in 2012

Advanced Autogenous Bone Block Grafting and Soft Tissue Management course with Dr. Thomas Hanser



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