Yxoss CBR® is a 3-D-printed titanium scaffold engineered and developed for customised treatment of patients with complex alveolar ridge defects. It combines the advantages of 3-D imaging, planning tools, and 3-D printing. 

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The designed structure of the titanium scaffold determines with extreme precision the contour of the alveolar ridge which needs to be prepared for subsequent dental implant placement.

Yxoss CBR is Cad Cam designed and created to be customised and precisely adapted to an irregular bone defect thus limitations and disadvantages of conventional titanium meshes can be entirely eliminated.

Advantages of Yxoss CBR over conventional titanium meshes


Yxoss CBR offers numerous benefits over other alternatives of bone augmentation procedures in complex bone defects.


The traditional titanium mesh (TM)

The traditional titanium mesh (TM) is a good alternative tool to restore bone defects. However, it requires the skill of learning to curve, cut, shape and adapt the TM to the irregular defects. This procedure is a time-consuming intra-operative phase which makes the surgery longer.  Moreover, angles and sharp edges, if not properly rounded, could pose a threat on the surrounding soft tissue in the healing phase. This condition may lead to flap perforation and TM exposure. The clinical consequence may be infection and partial or total loss of the grafted bone. 

As Yxoss CBR is custom-made for each patient, no further mid-surgery adaptations of the scaffold’s form are needed which simplifies the preparations and shortens the duration of the surgical procedure.

The edges of these titanium mesh structures are not sharp which eliminates the possibility of any subsequent problems and ensures uninterrupted healing. The edges and surfaces are designed to be tissue-friendly.



  • Extreme precision as it uses CBCT data combined with 3D printing technology, enabling stability and precision of the planned augmentation volume.
  • Reduces surgery time without complex adaptations
  • Easy Removal Design® with pre-defined breaking points for easy removal. The subsequent removal of the mesh is without complications and not associated with bone loss.
  • High stability and space maintenance. The space holder function of the mesh allows for a vertical augmentation of the bone deficit
  • ReOss® provides bone volume augmentation calculation for case planning
  • Yxoss CBR® Backward: Optional unique integrated implant positioning in the surgical planning

Customised Bone Regeneration (CBR) Course

with Dr Marcus Seiler, founder of Yxoss CBR

18 November 2023, London

Soft tissue course with Dr. Parvini

Step-by step protocols for Customised Bone Regeneration of complex bone defects using the Yxoss CBR mesh

Hands-on soft tissue management & fixation techniques on animal jaws and models

This course will focus on all stages of Customised Bone Regeneration from the digital planning to the surgical placement including horizontal and vertical augmentations, soft tissue management, management of complications and removal of the scaffold.

About the Speaker


Founder of Yxoss CBR®  MSc Periodontology, MSc Oral Implantology CEO of ReOss

  • 2006-2008 developed Yxoss CBR®technology for the regeneration of bone defects
  • 2009 foundation of ReOss® GmbH in Filderstadt, Germany
  • International speaker
  • Author of multiple publications in the field of dental implantology and oral surgery

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of how Yxoss bone regeneration compares to other augmentation techniques
  • Learn the advantages of digital treatment planning
  • Learn the Yxoss surgical protocols, required instrumentations and materials
  • Develop hands-on experience of horizontal and vertical bone augmentation with CBR
  • Develop hands-on experience of soft tissue management for CBR working on animal jaws
  • Learn the method of Backward Planning
  • Learn prevention and management of complications associated with Yxoss CBR placement
Soft Tissue management course in London
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