Dr Marcus Seiler

MSc Periodontology, MSc Implantology

Academic & professional appointments

Dr Seiler completed his studies in dentistry and medicine in 1991. After spending years abroad including going to the New York University, he set up his own practices in Germany. 

  • 2005-2007 MSc in Oral Implantology
  • 2006-2008 developed Yxoss CBR®technology for the regeneration of bone defects
  • 2009 foundation of ReOss® GmbH in Filderstadt, Germany
  • 2016-2017 MSc in Periodontology
  • International speaker
  • Author of multiple publications in the field of dental implantology and oral surgery
  • CEO of ReOss GmbH and Medical Advisor

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Scientific publications

References to Dr Seiler’s publications

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  • Individualized CAD/CAM-produced titanium scaffolds for alveolar bone augmentation: A retrospective analysis of dehiscence events in relation to demographic and surgical parameters (en), Marcus Seiler, Michael Peetz, Amely Hartmann & Radoslaw Witkowski, Journal of Oral Science & Rehabilitation, 1/2018, S. 38-46
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  • Posterpräsentationen am Osteology World Kongress in Monaco, K. Sagheb, April 2016
  • Further publications in preparation

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Complications in sinus lifting procedures

Complications in sinus lifting procedures

When patients lose teeth in the posterior maxilla, alveolar bone resorption follows as a consequence of physiological bone remodelling following tooth loss and also from sinus cavity pneumatization towards the alveolar crest. These two processes usually result in...

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