Autogenous Bone Augmentation and Soft Tissue Management Course

with Dr Thomas Hanser

Clinic partners with Prof Fouad Khoury and Deputy Director at Schloss Schellenstein in Germany, one of the most well known clinics in the field of Implantology and Augmentation.

Oral Surgeon, M.Sc. in Perio, M.Sc. in Imp.
Deputy Director at the Intl. Implant Dentistry Centre (Chairman Prof. Khoury)

29-30TH APRIL 2022, LONDON

Step-by-step protocols on Autogenous Bone Augmentation for predictable results in Dental Implantology


Autogenous Bone






A 2 day hands-on course covering Autogenous Bone Augmentation (also known as Khoury technique or Biological Bone Augmentation) and associated Management of Soft Tissue.

Master the gold standard in reconstructive surgery for reliable, predictable and successful outcomes with fewer complications.

Learn the Khoury technique from the original source, Thomas Hanser, clinic partners with Fouad Khoury, and Co-Authors of the best selling Quintessence textbooks: Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation in Oral Implantology.  Dr Thomas Hanser is known worldwide as being at the forefront of Bone Grafting and Aesthetic Implant Surgery.


What will you learn:

  • safe bone block harvesting
  • preparation and optimisation of the bone
  • horizontal & vertical bone augmentation
  • successful sinus lifting in case of severe alveolar atrophy
  • soft tissue management in bone grafting 


This event is designed to fully equip delegates from A to Z with the tools needed to deploy autogenous bone and associated soft tissue reconstruction techniques in their practice.


Soft Tissue Management:

Aesthetic, functional and protective aspects in context of all stages of implant therapy: tooth extraction, implant placement, bone grafting, second stage surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation to improve the soft tissue quality and quantity.

Learn how soft tissue grafts, minimally invasive approaches, and tension-free soft tissue closure are playing an important role to reduce complications and to achieve long-term tissue stability in 3D reconstruction procedures.

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Spaces are limited


I. DAY 1.




  • biological and clinical factors that contribute to successful bone transplant healing in horizontal and vertical alveolar reconstructions
  • clinical management and understanding of biological factors that influence aesthetic and long-term hard and soft tissue stability – demonstration via clinical cases and numerous videos

Hands-on training on sheep jaws:

  • safe retro-molar bone block harvesting
  • successful bone graft stabilisation
  • predictable, long term results in horizontal and vertical bone augmentation
  • successful sinus lifting in case of severe alveolar atrophy

II. DAY 2.



The participants will practice on sheep jaws:

I. Aesthetic soft tissue management:

  • soft tissue graft harvesting and augmentation techniques
  • socket preservation
  • free and pedicle sub-epithelial connective tissue grafting to contour missing
  • volume in the aesthetic zone
  • tunneling technique
  • handling gingival recession
  • flap designs and different techniques for second stage sur-gery
  • papilla reconstruction
  • analysing and correction of implant failures

II. Functional soft tissue management:

  • creating fixed and keratinised peri-implant soft tissue
  • vestibuloplasty
  • free gingival graft
  • stabilising peri-implant soft tissue techniques

III. Protective soft tissue management:

  • innovative techniques and flap designs for soft tissue closure to avoid postoperative complications and exposure of the grafted bone and soft tissue in lateral and vertical grafting pro-cedures
  • tension free wound closure
  • tunneling technique
  • suture techniques

How will you benefit from the course 


  • Step-by-step protocols from the original source: Thomas Hanser, clinic partners with the inventor of Khoury technique
  • In-depth information not only on the underlying scientific concept and autogenous bone augmentation techniques but also the associated soft tissue management
  • More reliable, safe and predictable results in Bone Augmentation using autogenous bone
  • Greater patient satisfaction, fewer complications
  • Return to your practice more confident and capable of resolving complex cases by taking your surgery to the next level

Dr Thomas Hanser

Clinic partners with Fouad Khoury at Schloss Schellenstein in Germany

Oral Surgeon, M.Sc. in Periodontology, M.Sc. in Oral Implantology

  • Deputy Director at the Int. Dental Implant Centre (Chairman: Prof F. Khoury), Olsberg, Germany
  • Co-Author with Prof Fouad Khoury: Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation in Implantology (2021 and 2009) Quintessence Textbooks
  • Senior Academic Advisor and Adjunct Professor at Goethe-University Frankfurt
  • Lecturer at several postgraduate academic programs and International Speaker
  • Supervisor in Implant Dentistry at German Society of Implant Dentistry
  • Instructor in Oral Surgery at German Dental Association


etc.venues Chancery Lane

50-52 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1HL

The venue is located in central London just minutes from Chancery Lane, Holborn and Farringdon tube stations. etc.venues Chancery Lane is a vibrant space, mixing contemporary workspace designs with an urban street feel created to inspire professionals to interact and learn.
The course price includes lunch and refreshments during breaks.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn safe techniques of extracting bone blocks from the molar area.
  • Understand the methods of collection, preparation and optimisation of autologous grafts.
  • Familiarise yourself with the principles of the Khoury technique
  • Get a better understanding of predictable, long-term and stable horizontal and vertical bone block augmentation.
  • Explore innovative techniques for closing soft tissues at the site of augmentation in order to avoid postoperative complications.

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