sinus augmentation course in London

Sinus Grafting & Complications in implant surgery

with Dr Puria Parvini

Oral Surgeon, M.Sc. Periodontology, M.Sc. Implantology, Deputy Director at the Department of Oral Surgery & Implantology at Goethe University Frankfurt

3-4th November 2023, London

Indications and step by step surgical protocol for Sinus Grafting. Prevention & Management of Complications in oral surgery & implant dentistry.

Sinus Grafting Course



The posterior maxilla resorption along with sinus pneumatization can pose a challenging condition for dental implant placement. These problems can be overcome by sinus augmentation procedures restoring the vertical bone dimension required for dental implant placement.

This 2 day training is suited to dentists looking to expand their knowledge and experience by learning sinus lift techniques and managing complications in implant surgery. 

This course will focus on all stages of Sinus lift procedures from treatment planning to different surgical approaches including the lateral, crestal, piezo augmentation, Schneiderian membrane perforation repair.

This program also provides the participants with surgical and implant protocols of how to successfully identify, prevent and manage various complications in oral surgery and dental implantology. 

What will you learn

Part I.


  • Anatomy of the sinus and the surrounding structures

  • CBCT evaluation and treatment planning for predictable sinus grafting

  • Flap design

  • Crestal sinus lift and bone splitting

  • Lateral window technique with different instrumentations

  • Sinus floor elevation from the palatal side

  • Hydrodynamic Piezosurgery sinus elevation

  • The Schneiderian membrane – practical tips on how to elevate it

  • Sinus Augmentation graft materials and surgical techniques

  • Preparation techniques of the implant site with low residual bone height

  • Combination with lateral augmentation

  • Sinus floor augmentation without bone grafting

  • Complex techniques for posterior maxillary reconstruction

  • Contraindications for sinus lift


Intra operative and post-operative complications

  • Rare anatomical features

  • Bleeding risks due to arterial blood vessels in the lateral bony wall of the sinus

  • Membrane perforations

  • Polyps, mucoceles, Procedure for transversal and sagittal septa, external floor elevation after previous ENT- Treatment

  • medical interventions, endoscopically monitored sinus lift


practice of techniques on sheep jaws with Piezosurgery


Part II.


Preoperative complications

    • Preoperative acute , chronic and fungal sinusitis
    • Preoperative acute and chronic infections at the implant site
    • Preoperative cystic structures and mucoceles

Intraoperative complications in implant placement

  • Flap design
  • Incorrect implant angulation
  • Deep/shallow implant placement
  • Bleeding
  • Sinus floor perforation
  • Dislocation
  • Aspiration or ingestion of foreign objects
  • Perforation of the sinus membrane during elevation
  • Bleeding during membrane elevation
  • Presence of a mucus retention cyst
  • Blockage of the maxillary ostium

Complications associated with lateral window sinus elevation

  • Acute graft infection/sinusitis
  • Chronic infection/sinusitis
  • Delayed implant migration into the sinus cavity



spaces are limited

Sinus Grafting

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Dr. Puria Parvini

Oral Surgeon, M.Sc. Periodontology, M.Sc. Implantology – German Association of Periodontology (DGParo)

  • Deputy Director at the Department of Oral Surgery & Implantology at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany
  • Chief Senior Physician at the Center for Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine at the Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt (Carolinum)
  • Clinical Lecturer & Supervisor – Master of Science in Oral Implantology at Goethe University
  • Tutor & Supervisor – Anatomical Institute at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • Certified Expert of the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI)



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Other information

All hand instruments scalpel blades, sutures and consumables are provided.
Bringing your own loupe and light is highly recommended.
13,5 hours verifiable CPD provided upon completion.

Learning Objectives


  • Assessment and treatment planning of missing maxillary posterior teeth
  • Anatomical and biological considerations and surgical approaches to the maxillary sinus
  • Selection and application of graft materials for the maxillary sinus
  • Indications, guidelines and surgical protocols for sinus bone grafting: lateral and crestal approach.
  • Prevention and management of intraoperative and postoperative complications in oral surgery, dental implantology and sinus grafting

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13,5 hours Verifiable CPD

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