Sticky Bone – Use in Implant Dentistry

Platelet Rich Fibrin is used in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery and in Implant dentistry to aid healing. PRF is a living tissue which provides a collection of immune cells embedded in a meshwork of cross linked fibrin filled with growth factors. PRF made from autologous blood sample, centrifuged, and placed into the surgical area.

Sticky Bone improves surgical treatment outcome, regulates the inflammation and promotes bone and soft tissue regeneration.

Sticky Bone in dental surgery


Combining PRF with bone particulate creates a ‘Sticky Bone’ that is easy to adapt and manipulate within the mouth during Bone Grafting.

PRF makes for a great adjunct for particulate or block bone grafting to help stabilise and immobilise the graft.

Sticky Bone can be obtained from mixing a wide variety of bone graft materials with PRF to be used for GBR and Sinus Augmentation procedures.

Sticky Bone for dental use


Due to the presence of highly concentrated growth factors in Sticky Bone it also has the following properties besides graft stabilisation:

  • accelerates tissue healing
  • minimises bone loss during healing period
  • reduces inflammation 
  • seals hemostasis
  • reduces post operative pain


Preparation of Sticky Bone



Sticky Bone is easy to prepare and is ready in about 2-3 minutes

It can be obtained by mixing PRF fibrin and liquid PRF with the bone graft granules which results in the formation of sticky, coated bone particles easy to work with in the surgical area. 

Sticky Bone can be shaped to the desired size and shape, it can be folded, flattened, cut in pieces which is ideal for Augmentation cases. You can also obtain a long Sticky Bone in one piece for Full Arch cases. 


Learn Sticky Bone preparation from Dr Joseph Choukroun the inventor of PRF

Learn more about the upcoming PRF course here

PRF course in London UK in dentistry

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