PRF practical hands-on training with the inventor in London 2020

Platelet Rich Fibrin practical hands-on course for dentists

with the founder of PRF, Dr. Joseph Choukroun

Over 70 dentists with special interest in implant dentistry attended the fantastic PRF practical hands-on course in London, UK on the 13-14th March 2020.

Dr. Joseph Choukroun, inventor of PRF techniques taught participants how to use PRF in dental treatments such as PRF in dentistry, in oral surgery, for dental implants and in bone grafting to accelerate soft tissue and bone healing. The PRF course pointed out the importance of considering the biological and physiological factors during dental surgery in order to achieve predictable and long-term results.

The upcoming dental Platelet Rich Fibrin course 25-26th March, 2022 London

Don’t miss the next 2-day lecture and hands-on Platelet Rich Fibrin course in London with the inventor, Dr. Joseph Choukroun.

The most comprehensive course on Platelet Rich Fibrin and on biological factors for long term stability of bone and soft tissue around dental implants.

Learn how to use PRF in dental treatments such as PRF in oral surgery, in dental implantology and in tissue grafting. Practice blood drawing, use the PRF dental centrifuge machine, prepare PRF membranes, learn the PRF dental protocol and procedures from the inventor.

,,We had such an amazing time meeting Dr. Choukroun, inventor of PRF Systems. With the objective of accelerating soft tissue and bone healing, Platelet Rich Fibrin assists in healing and recovering from dental procedures, from dental surgeries and tooth extractions. A great development to the dental industry.”

Dr Joseph Choukroun, speaker of PRF course

PRF dental course in London with the inventor of PRF Dr Joseph Choukroun

Inventor of PRF techniques (Choukroun PRF), International speaker

  • Inventor of the PRF techniques: L-PRF, A-PRF, i-PRF, iPRF+, SPRF (Choukroun PRF)
  • President of SYFAC; International Symposium on Growth Factors
  • Researcher at Department for Oral, Cranio-Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Owner of Pain Clinic Nice
  • Author of several scientific papers
  • International Speaker


Thanks to the exceptional speakers to Dr. Joseph Choukroun and to Dr. Elisa Choukroun for the outstanding 2 days and for sharing their time and knowledge with us.

A chance to interact with peer colleagues, the amazing hospitality and excellent catering provided by The Rembrandt Hotel made The Platelet Rich Fibrin course in London a truly remarkable day to remember.

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