Soft Tissue Replacement Materials

Autogenous soft tissue grafts, such as free gingival graft or connective tissue grafts, have been shown successful for increasing the width of keratinized tissue at dental implants. 

Vestibuloplasty is a frequently used technique to increase the width of the keratinized mucosa by apically repositioning the soft tissue. 

Despite the predictable outcome associated with the use of autologous soft tissue grafts, their use is also associated with increased patient discomfort and pain due to the need of a surgical site for harvesting donor tissue and may lead to postoperative complications such as bleeding, pain, swelling, and occasionally infections.

To minimise these drawbacks, soft tissue replacement materials have been developed in the recent years to produce comparable clinical outcomes to those achieved with autologous tissue grafts. 

These soft tissue replacement materials are usually allogeneic (human-based) or xenogeneic (animal-based). 

soft tissue grafting

Acellular dermal allografts

Several studies have shown its use for various clinical indications such as recession coverage and gain of keratinised mucosa at implants. 

Xenogeneic soft tissue replacement grafts

In the past few decades, several xenogeneic soft tissue replacement materials, mostly of porcine origin, have been emerged for various clinical indications such as recession coverage and gain of keratinised mucosa. Studies have indicated blood vessel growth and connective tissue growth following grafting with xenogeneic materials. 

Master Soft Tissue Grafting techniques from Dr Puria Parvini

24-25th February 2023, London

Learn in-depth and practice step-by-step the latest Soft Tissue Grafting Techniques to improve and maintain aesthetics & longevity. Learn how to gain optimal tissue thickness and how to increase the amount of keratinised tissue around implants. 

This two-day hands-on masterclass will focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of Soft Tissue Management. 

Soft tissue course with Dr. Parvini

About the Speaker


Oral Surgeon, M.Sc. in Periodontology, M.Sc. in Implantology – German Association of Periodontology (DGParo)

Deputy Director, Clinical Lecturer & Supervisor at the Department of Oral Surgery & Implantology at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany

What will you learn?

  • Understand indications for soft tissue grafting around dental implants
  • Learn various incisions and flap designs
  • Get a better understanding of graft harvesting and management of the recipient and donor sites
  • Familiarise yourself with different soft tissue grafting techniques. Connective tissue graft (CTG), Free gingival graft (FGG), Pinhole Technique, Gum drop Technique, Zucchelli Technique, Vista Technique, Tunnelling Technique
  • Learn complication prevention and complication management 
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