Immediate Implant Placement vs. Ridge Preservation Course, Complications in Implant Dentistry & Dental Trauma

with Prof. Puria Parvini

18-19th October 2024, LONDON

Danubius Hotel Regents Park, London NW8 7JT

  • Comprehensive insights into Immediate Implant Placement vs. Ridge Preservation
  • Successful prevention and management of Complications in Implant Dentistry
  • Management of Dental Trauma from A-Z

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This comprehensive program will focus on three key areas: Immediate Implant vs. Ridge Preservation, Complications in Implant Dentistry and Dental Trauma Management. Each session is packed with practical hints and tips, which can be applied to implant dentistry as well as the wider field of restorative dentistry. By the end of the program, participants will be better equipped to optimize treatment outcomes, mitigate risks, and provide high-quality care to their implant patients.

  • Immediate Implant vs. Ridge Preservation: Bone loss can compromise dental implant placement, its esthetics and functional ability. This course will methodically explain the steps to preserve or minimize bone resorption and the timing on when to place a dental implant. It will cover the importance of prosthetic planning, temporary fabrication and how to select the appropriate prosthetic components and materials for the temporary and final restoration. Emphasis will be placed on achieving predictable outcomes while preserving soft and hard tissue architecture. Hands-on practice on models. 
  • Complications in Implant Dentistry: In this module, participants will explore the spectrum of complications that may arise in implant dentistry and develop strategies for successful prevention, early detection, and management.
  • Dental Trauma Management: From diagnosis and treatment planning to immediate interventions, participants will learn evidence-based approaches to address various types of dental trauma encountered in implant patients. Practical scenarios and case studies will enhance participants’ ability to assess and manage traumatic injuries to teeth and supporting structures in implant-supported restorations.


14 hours Verifiable CPD

Hands-on Element

Expert Speaker


I.Immediate Implant Placement vs. Ridge Preservation

Hands-on Implant Placement & Ridge Preservation on specially designed models

Participants will delve into the principles, techniques, and considerations surrounding immediate implant placement versus ridge preservation procedures. Indications, advantages, disadvantages, limitations and risks of each procedure will be explained.


  • Introduction to immediate implantology and temporisation
  • Patient selection, Assessment and treatment planning, CBCT analysis
  • Decision-making: When to use socket preservation vs immediate implant placement
  • Surgical protocols and techniques, indications and contradictions for immediate implant placement and immediate loading.
  • Extraction protocols: the classification of extraction sites to plan treatment for ridge preservation and immediate implant placement in the anterior region. Minimally invasive extraction techniques to preserve the maximum amount of bone before immediate implant placement.
  • Implant planning and placement into the extraction socket.
  • Step-by step protocols to preserve or minimise bone resorption
  • Temporization: prosthetic planning, temporary fabrication. Selection of appropriate prosthetic components and materials for the temporary and final restoration.
  • Different techniques for immediate temporisation from chair-side to digital pre-planning
  • Socket grafting: Analyse the different graft materials and membranes used for ridge preservation.

  • Soft tissue management with CTGs to improve the result in the aesthetic zone.


  • Hands-on Implant Placement & Ridge Preservation on specially designed models

II.Dental Trauma Management from A-Z

This segment of the course will equip attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage dental trauma cases in implant dentistry. Traumatic dental injuries (TDI) are acute, mechanical injuries to the teeth and adjacent structures. Anterior tooth trauma requires a decision-making process as to whether tooth replantation – especially after avulsion – or immediate implant placement and restoration is indicated.

  • Handling dental trauma to preserve or utilize as much tooth structure as possible 
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Tooth-preserving procedures by Replantation and Transplantation
  • Replantation: when and how can I replant the tooth?
  • Transplantation: Autogenous tooth transplantation
  • Root canal trauma with complicated root fractures
  • Anterior tooth trauma
  • Immediate implantation and immediate restoration in the aesthetic zone

III. Complications in Implant Dentistry


Through interactive discussions, case reviews and treatment options, attendees will enhance their problem-solving skills and learn how to navigate complex implant-related challenges with confidence.

The goal of this lecture is to understand the mechanics of these errors and to enable the clinician to formulate a more predictable treatment plan and to reduce the fear of possible complications.

I. Intraoperative complications 

  • Flap design
  • Preoperative acute and chronic infections at the implant site
  • Incorrect implant angulation
  • Deep/shallow implant placement
  • Injury to adjacent teeth
  • Nerve injury
  • Bleeding
  • Bone overheating during drilling
  • Excessive torque during insertion and compression necrosis
  • Accidental dislodgement of dental implants into the maxillary incisive canal or alveolar nerve canal
  • Aspiration or ingestion of foreign material
  • Implant fracture
  • Mandibular bone fracture
  • Insufficient initial stability
  • Bleeding during incision and flap reflection
  • Unstable implants
  • Tissue emphysema induced by dental procedures

II. Postoperative complications

  • Postoperative pain
  • Tissue emphysema induced by dental procedures
  • Cover screw exposure during healing
  • Bone growth over the cover screw


Prof. Puria Parvini

Oral Surgeon, MSc. Periodontology, MSc. Implantology – German Association of Periodontology (DGParo)

  • Deputy Director and Professor at the Department of Oral Surgery & Implantology at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany
  • Chief Senior Physician at the Center for Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine at the Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt (Carolinum)
  • Clinical Lecturer & Supervisor – Master of Science in Oral Implantology at Goethe University
  • Tutor & Supervisor – Anatomical Institute at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • Certified Expert of the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI)


Danubius Hotel Regents Park

18 Lodge Rd, London NW8 7JT

The venue is located in the very heart of the London overlooking Regents Park and Lord’s Cricket Ground. 
Being just a 10 minute walk from St. John’s Wood tube station, and Baker street station, the hotel is easily accesible. Parking is possible on site. Parking charges are £35 for 24Hrs or £4.50 per hour. 


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14 hours Verifiable CPD

Hands-on Element

Expert Speaker



Learning Objectives

  • Master techniques for immediate implant placement and ridge preservation.
  • Learn to assess, plan, and execute implant procedures effectively.
  • Understand the management of dental trauma and complications in implant dentistry.
  • Enhance patient care and outcomes through comprehensive implant therapy knowledge and skills.

Other information

  • All hand instruments scalpel blades, sutures and consumables are provided.
  • Bringing your own loupe and light is highly recommended.
  • 14 hours verifiable CPD provided upon completion.


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