with Dr. Joseph Choukroun

The inventor of PLATELET RICH FIBRIN techniques


Theoretical training course on Platelet Rich Fibrin -PRF- by the inventor.
PRF application in Dental Implantology, Oral Surgery, Bone Augmentation.


PRF 1-day course



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On this Platelet Rich Fibrin training course you will learn the theoretical background of PRF. Participants will receive up-to-date didactic knowledge on clinical use of PRF in oral surgery, dental implantology and tissue grafting enriched by numerous clinical tips and tricks on hard and soft tissue management.

What is PRF – Platelet Rich Fibrin?

A PRF is a blood clot prepared from patient’s blood in a clinically usable form that is rich in platelets, growth factors, stem cells and white blood cells which facilitates natural tissue regeneration, wound healing, stimulation of bone growth and new blood vessel formation.
PRF contains approximately 10 times more platelet concentration than normal blood, therefore having great healing and regenerative properties.

PRF is easy to prepare PRF at chair side and is very cost effective.

Unlike PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), PRF works without using anti-coagulation factors favoring natural fibrin clot formation and faster wound healing.

Who is this course for?

This theoretical PRF course is for dentists who are placing dental implants or performing oral surgery and who aim to:

  • predictably accelerate wound and tissue healing
  • stimulate bone and soft tissue regeneration
  • promote new blood vessel formation with PRF prepared easily at chair side at a low cost.
  • learn concepts and numerous clinical tips and tricks on hard and soft tissue management


What will you learn?

  • Theoretical knowledge on hard and soft tissue regeneration with PRF, clinical applications of PRF in oral surgery, bone augmentation, dental implantology.
  • Biological factors for long term stability of bone and soft tissue with an overall approach to dental implantology.
  • Impact of oxidative stress on bone formation and on longevity of dental implants
  • Theoretical knowledge on L-PRF, A-PRF, i-PRF+, S-PRF protocols, Sticky Bone
  • Peri-implantitis prevention and treatment, marginal bone loss



The PRF didactic materials were explained very well. Dr Choukroun is an amazing speaker.


The presentation of the speaker and the delivery of information was excellent.


The complete course was outstanding. The use of the PRF in dentistry in the context of surgery was very useful.



Friday, 25th March 2022

  • L-PRF, A-PRF, i-PRF+, S-PRF, Sticky Bone with PomPac and PomSwing
  • NEW! PomPac and PomSwing protocols to achieve larger fibrin
  • Relevance of protocols according to the low speed centrifugation concept (LSCC)
  • Biology of wound healing – Growth factors
  • Biology of Platelet Rich Fibrin
  • Clinical applications of PRF in dentistry (bone augmentation, sinus lift, immediate loading, etc.)
  • Hard and soft tissue regeneration with PRF
  • Peri-implantitis and marginal bone loss
  • Biological factors for long-term success – positive and negative factors which control angiogenesis, blood supply and bone metabolism
  • Presentation of clinical cases and protocols

Enhance your hands-on clinical skills on PRF in dentistry.
Join the 2 day fully comprehensive course with focus on phlebotomy, using the blood centrifuge, preparing PRF products, specific suture techniques, pain management and more.

Learn more about 2 day PRF course

Application of PRF in dentistry

  • PRF in dental implantology (increases implant stability and faster osseointegration)
  • PRF in Tooth Extraction (to allow early bone and gingival regeneration)
  • Bone augmentation
  • Guided Bone Regeneration – GBR
  • Sinus Grafting (as sole or combination graft biomaterial)
  • Peri-implant defects
  • Root Coverage
  • Intrabony & furcation defects


David Game College

31 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2ET

The venue is in the neighbourhood of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, a stone’s throw away from the stations of Aldgate, Tower Hill, Tower Gateway and Fenchurch Street Station, so you will have access to the major underground lines of District, Central, Metropolitan, DLR, as well as the overground line.
The course price includes lunch and refreshments during breaks.



  • Inventor of the PRF techniques: L-PRF, A-PRF, i-PRF, iPRF+, SPRF (Choukroun PRF protocols)
  • President of SYFAC, International Symposium on Growth Factors
  • 20+ years of clinical and biological experience
  • Researcher at Department for Oral, Cranio-Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Author of several scientific papers
  • International Speaker
  • Owner of Pain Clinic in France

How can PRF promote your dental surgery outcome

Increased tissue growth — Higher growth factor release compared to PRP
Accelerated healing of bone to dental implants
Improved strength of bone integration to dental implants
Graft additive — to improve the handling characteristics
Decreased chance of dry socket and bone pathology — after tooth extractions
Low cost preparation — material cost is approximately £10/patient
Easy to prepare at chair-side —can be produced immediately, no additives
Natural healing — no blood manipulation, no additives unlike PRP
Predictable outcome – no risk of a rejection reaction, no foreign body response
Safe to use — all components of the PRF process are safe
Infection resistance — Shown to have as much as a 10-fold decrease in osteomyelitis infections
Improves surgical success — Uses growth factors to improve the likelihood of surgical success
Reduces patient pain
Reduces healing time

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